What Is Santeria About?

You can’t believe anything you watch on television. Thanks to Hollywood, several alternative rock bands, plus some episodes of Law and Order, Santeria may be misconstrued and portrayed being a satanic cult. We have all seen the flicks regarding the mindless zombies, or even the savages who collect and worship body parts. Just remember, Hollywood’s job is usually to sell movies, and portraying Santeria in the positive light will not generate lots of ticket sales. That is why it is our responsibility to improve our perceptions about Santeria ourselves. There is really a great amount of data and history that is shrouded over these African and native religions, knowledge that could very well be the missing link to a lost history. Now is the time to take light to darkness and show how wonderful our past.

Santeria is a compilation of beliefs. Like โดจิน , it really is an eclectic mix of Yoruba, Catholicism, and Native American folklore. This mixture of African tribal religion, animism, ancestor worship, plus much more has shaped the lives of countless people throughout history. The Yoruba religion itself found the New World via slaves have been captured from the Europeans by using rival tribes in Africa. Many were spiritual leaders. They were high priests and priestesses who brought their knowledge towards the new world. Healing rituals were rudimentary, due to the insufficient supplies and also the requirement for secrecy. However, these rituals often involved the method of trance dancing and drumming, often utilized to speak with their gods and ancestors.

Santeria is principally practiced in Cuba. However, with all the influx of Cubans, it is now an evergrowing religion in the United States and the Caribbean. Santeria in lots of elements of the Caribbean continues to be heavily influenced by the Native American culture. Both practices supported spirit worship and the dependence on balance between man and nature. This is perhaps why terminologies throughout the Caribbean along with the rest of the world are different. For instance, a priest or priestess, once termed as a babalorisha can also be termed as a Santera or a Santero.

It is unfortunate that that Santeria has been caste within the shadows. It can be a taboo to easily mention the name. Very few people understand that our ancestors, as slaves survived both the Middle Passage and slavery by askin the Gods and deities we now disown. Not everyone has to become a babalorisha, or denounce all association with Christianity or Islam. However, many of us must embrace our past, because it really is truly who were. Once we understand our ancestors’ religion, we are able to begin to recognize that they are all the same. All religions speak a similar language and work as a vehicle to steer us closer to God.